Haemoglobin- and Arylesterase- Types in Akkaraman and Anatolian Merino Breeds of Sheep

Authors: Sevinç ASAL, Gürsel DELLAL, Şerife KOCABAŞ

Abstract: In this study the Haemoglobin (Hb) and Arylesterase types (Es A) were determined for flocks of Akkaraman and Anatolian Merino sheep and gene frequencies were calculated. Hb-AB and Hb-BB genotypes were found in both populations in which HbB- allele was predominant. Distributions of Es A-phenotypes was different in the studied populations. The frequencies of Es A+ allele in Akkaraman and Anatolian Merino were calculated 0.33 and 0.47, respectively.

Keywords: Haemoglobin, Arylesterase, polymorphism, Sheep