Fattaining Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Angora Goat male Kids in Intensive and Pasture Condition

Authors: Mehmet KOYUNCU, Erdoğan TUNCEL, Numan AKMAN

Abstract: This research was conducted to determine fattening performance and carcass characteristics of Angora male kids in intensive and pasture conditions. Fattening was started after weaning (120 days) and continued during seventy days. Intensive group of kids were fed with a concentrate feeds ad libitum and another group was kept on the pasture all the days and didnÕt take tehe supplement feed. Average daily gain was found in intensive and pasture group to be 162.0±8.60 g and 8.6±2.80 g respectively (P<0.01). Average cold carcass weigh was found as 11.2±0.45 kg and 5.7±0.23 kg for intensive and pasture group respectively, on the basis of cold carcass weight, dressing percentage was determined 42.2% and 36.8% respectively (P<0.01). The proportions of front leg, rib and hing leg, of which have a special important, at the left half carcass was found as 20.57, 22.60 and 31.63%, and 20.67, 23.06 and 32.17% in the intensive and pasture group respectively.

Keywords: Angora goats, Fattening performance, Carcass characteristics.