Relationships Between Various Body Measurements and Milk Yield in Simmental Cattle of Kazova State Farm

Authors: Özel ŞEKERDEN, Hüseyin ERDEM, Mustafa ALTUNTAŞ

Abstract: The relationships between various body measurements and milk yield in Simmental cattle raised at Kazova State Farm are determined. Data belonging to various body measurements on control (chest girth, body length, height at withers, and the length and width of rump) and 305-day milk yields of 119 cows that were in 1-4 lactation orders are utilized. Body measurements were obtained on 60±15 day periods of lactation of the trial animals. Partial correlation coefficients that were determined to be at a significant level statistically between daily (A) and 305-day (B) milk yileds with body measurement are given below. Characteristics Lactation order I IV Height at withers - A 0.307±0.117* Height at withers - B 0.534±0.172** 0.380±0.133**

Keywords: Simmental, body measurements, milk yield