The Uniformity of Karakas Lambs Wool in Terms of Length and Fineness

Authors: Tufan ALTIN, Hayrettin OKUT

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate the wool uniformity of Karakas lambs in terms of fibre length and fineness. For this purpose, the coefficient of variation and several length and fineness classifications of fibers were considered. The average of coefficient of variation were 13.04% and 30.82% for length and fineness, respectively. The effect of farms, age of dam, body region, age (days) and yield of wool on the coefficient of variation of length were highly significant (p<0.01), whereas only the effect of fleece yield on the coefficent of variation of fineness was highly significant(p<0.01). In conclusion, it has been realized in this study that, uniformity and wool yield can be improved simultaneously.

Keywords: Karakas lambs, uniformity