The Effect of PGF2\alpha on Uterine Muscle in the Domestic Hen


Abstract: This study was carried out in order to examine the effects of ProstaglandinF2a on uterine muscles in laying hens. 12 young, 18 adult and 10 old laying hens, in three groups (total 40) were used. Six different doses of PGF2a were injected into uterine tissue samples obtained from three groups using an isolated-organ bath. The response of the uterine muscles to PGF2a was recorded. For each dose the result was assessed as latent and amplitude values within each group and among the groups. In the young group, there were no significant responses in latent period or amplitude against various doses of PGF2a (p>0.05). However, in the adult group variable and significant responses were obtained against each dose of PGF2\alpha (p<0.01, p<0.05). In the old group, in correlation with an increase in high doses, there was a decrease in latent period and an increase in amplitude values. Bur, in adult poultry the responses against variable doses of PGF2\alpha were more sensitive. Regarding egg production, the effects of PGF2\alpha on the uterine muscles of the laying hens of various production steps, were found to be different.

Keywords: Prostaglandins, hen, uterine, muscle.

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