Several congenital abnormalities in a neonate of a Mixed Mehraban sheep


Abstract: A 3-year-old mixed Mehraban sheep, in second parturition, was brought to Kazerun Veterinary School with signs of dystocia. The neonate had 2 separate heads with a common neck (dicephalus). Anal atresia, meningomyelocele, arachnomelia, and spina bifida were found in the neonate. In addition, it had 2 esophagi, but they became united after the esophageal hiatus. The tongue and larynx in each head were normal. It had 2 tracheas and 2 lungs with each trachea entering a separate lung. The lungs had many lobes. The heart had compensatory hypertrophy and had 2 pulmonary trunks. The abdomen and other body systems were normal.


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