Surgical correction of small colon faecalith in a Dare-Shuri foal


Abstract: A 6-month-old male Dare-Shuri foal was admitted for acute abdominal pain unresponsive to medical treatment. The foal was anxious and exhibiting signs of abdominal pain. The foal had not defecated in the previous 5 days and severe abdominal distension was present. Based on clinical signs and the results of the diagnostic work-up, gastrointestinal obstruction was suspected. Midline exploratory celiotomy revealed a faecalith in the small colon. A longitudinal incision was made through the antimesenteric border of the involved intestine and an approximately 350 g mass mostly composed of dried roughage was removed. The day after surgery, intestinal sounds were detectable; the foal defecated and had good appetite during the 9 months of follow up.

Keywords: Colic, small colon, faecalith, Dare-Shuri foal

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