Fatty Acid Content and Composition of Turkish Beef and Lamb at Retail


Abstract: The fatty acid content and chemical composition of retail samples of beef and lamb meat were investigated. Fifty beef and lamb chops were purchased from different supermarkets in İstanbul on separate occasions. The average muscle fatty acid content was 2395 and 2257 mg/100 g of muscle for beef and lamb, respectively. Saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid contents were 1000 and 940 mg/100 g, and 199 and 261 mg/100 g of muscle for beef and lamb, respectively. Overall results indicate that, particularly before the Sacrifice Holiday, concentrate-based feeding of livestock increases and this has an adverse effect on the n-6/n-3 ratio and P/S ratio of intramuscular fat in meat. Nonetheless, higher C18:1 and lower C16:0 contents in beef and lamb meat fat is favorable.

Keywords: Lamb, beef, fatty acid

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