Ureteral Ectopia in Two Dalmation Bitches

Authors: Eser ÖZCENGİL, Ömer BEŞALTI

Abstract: By the help of clinical and radiological examinations, ureteral ectopia cases were diagnosed in two juvenil Dalmatian bitches with congenital urinary incontinence which were referred to our department. One of them was 5 kg, 1,5 -month-old and the other one was 15 kg, 2-month-old. Two step ureteroneocystostomy was carried out on both of the extramural bilateral ureteral ectopia case and extramural left unilateral ureteral ectopia together with right uretrovesical stenosis case that had been found in younger and elder one, respectively. With the postoperatively clinical and radiological examinations as well as with the personal communications conducted with the owners, it was determined that the dogs could micturate voluntarily.

Keywords: DOg, ureter, ureteral ectopia, urinary incontience, ureteroneocystostomy