Immunohistochemical Diagnosis of Aspergillosis in Adult Turkeys


Abstract: The aim of the present study was to apply immunohistochemistry, using a commercially available monoclonal antibody, for the diagnosis of aspergillosis in adult turkeys. Eight adult turkeys were studied. The lungs revealed grossly a few yellowish-white granulomas. Histopathologically, the granulomas were distributed in the pulmonary parenchyma or occasionally located around the airways. A few fungal hyphae were detected within the necrotic debris of the granulomas in the lungs using routine fungal stains. Immunohistochemical staining performed on lung sections from all of the turkeys disclosed fungal hyphae and their fragments clearly within the necrotic debris and within the cytoplasm of macrophages and multinucleated foreign-body giant cells in the granulomas. In conclusion, even though fungal elements within the granulomas with histologic characteristics are indicative of the disease, immunohistochemistry should be applied to ensure a reliable diagnosis of aspergillosis in adult turkeys, and to differentiate it from other filamentous mycelia.

Keywords: Turkey, aspergillosis, immunohistochemistry

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