The Effects of Exogen Hormone Treatment During the Anoestrus Period on Fertiliy in Crossbred Ewes Carrying Booroola Genes (F and f)


Abstract: In this study, the effects of progestagen and different doses of PMSG (250 I.U and 400 I.U) treatment on pregnancy, lambing and multiple birth rates in Border Leicester x Booroola (Ff) x Merinos and Border Lecister x Booroola (ff) x Merinos ewes in the anoestrus cycle were examined. It was found that in ewes with Ff genotype, 250 I.U PMSG dose had a positive but nonsignificant effect on the pregnancy rate and it was significant (p<0.01) on lambing and twinning rate. On the other hand, in ewes with ff genotype, it was found that the effect of progestagen + 400 I.U PMSG treatment on the same traits was significant (p<0.01). It was determined that the pregnancy, lambing and multiple birth rates in ewes with Ff and ff genotypes which werereated with exo-gen hormone were higher (p<0.01) than ewes with ff genotype which wereot treated with exogen hormone.

Keywords: Booroola Merino, PMSG, reproductive traits.

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