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Alignment nanofibers of poly(o-toluidine)/polystyrene (POT/PS) were prepared by using an electrospinning method at different applied voltages (Vappl.) of 10, 15, and 20 kV. The effect of the applied voltage on the morphology and electrical properties of POT/PS nanofibers was studied. Morphology and diameters of the nanofibers were investigated via atomic force microscopy. (POT/PS)/Si hybrid solar cells were fabricated through the deposition of POT/PS nanofibers on Si wafers using the electrospinning technique. The current-voltage measurements of the device under dark conditions exhibited asymmetrical and rectifying behavior for the Al/(POT/PS)/Si/Al junction, thereby confirming the formation of diodes. Diode parameters, such as ideality factor n* and saturation current Io, were determined from the current density-voltage curves. The photovoltaic properties of the Al/(POT/PS)/Si/Al junction were studied under illuminated condition. Results revealed short-circuit current density Jsc = 1.45 mA, open-circuit voltage Voc = 596 mV, and solar cell efficiency = 3.04.


Poly(O-toluidine), nanofibers, conducting polymer, electrospinning, hybrid solar cell

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