Turk J Phys
E-ISSN: 1303-6122
ISSN: 1300-0101
Year: 1997 Volume: 21 Number: 4
  1. Survey of Structural Evolution in Carbonic Materials By First Order Raman Spectrum; Comparison to X-Ray Diffractometry Data
    Reshnik ANGONI, Ilia PRIFTI, Jani DODE
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 559-566
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  2. A Method for the Determination of the Number of Stars for Different Population Types
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 567-574
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  3. Infrared Spectroscopic Studies on The Hofmann Type Complexes of 4-Phenylpyridine and New T_{d^{-}} Type Host; Cd(dioxan) Cd (CN)_{4}}
    Sevgi BAYARI, Arzu TOPAÇLI
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 575-583
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  4. Prediction of Vertical Ionization Energies: A Test of the MNDO-PM3 Method
    Emine CEBE
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 584-597
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  5. On Contonuous Radiation Phenomena
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 598-604
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  6. Frequency-Resolved Photocurrent Studies in a-Si:H p-i-n Junction Solar Cells
    Ruhi KAPLAN
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 605-613
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  7. SU(3)_{L} \times U(1)_{X} Models of Electroweak Unification with Natural Conservation Laws for Neutral Currents
    Murat ÖZER
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 614-620
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  8. Electronic Structure of BO_{6}-Cluster (B=Ti, Nb, Ta) in Cubic Matrices
    Amirullah MAMEDOV, Süleyman GÜNGÖR
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 621-625
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  9. Calculation of Scatter Peak Ratios in XRF Spectra and Application
    Abdullah ZARARSIZ
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 626-631
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  10. Casimir Energy of the Massless Scalar Field on S-1 by the Point-Splitting Method
    Selçuk S. BAYIN, J. P. KRISCH, Mustafa ÖZCAN
    Turk J Phys, 21, (1997), 632-640
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