Temperature Dependence of Gamma Ray Induced Luminescence of Ethanolamine Based Liquid Scintillator Between 212 and 273 K

Authors: Faizan Ul HAQ, Naheed KAUSAR, Saira BUTT, Shazia BASHIR

Abstract: The luminescence response of Ethanolamine based liquid scintilator (Ethanola- mine+1 g/\ell Butyle PBD + 0.1g/\ell BBOT) has been investigated as a function of temperature in the range 212-273 K. It has been observed that under gamma excitation the scintillation efficiency increases by a factor of 1.37 with decrease in temperature. The data obtained conforms to the Arrhenius relation in which energy of rate process (20 eV) is typical for thermally activated diffusion controlled process.