Diluted magnetic semiconductor: structure, size and shape, and magnetic properties


Abstract: In dilute magnetic metallic alloys, spin exchange interactions among transition metal ions at the ZnO structure cause changes in the magnetic properties of the nanocrystals depending on size and shape. The effect of size and shape on the structural and magnetic properties of semiconductors, using atomistic spin calculations, is the main topic of this study. When the size of the system decreases to a few nanometers, stability is not observed as a result of the large size. We theoretically examine the magnetic properties of CoZnO materials according to size and shape effects using the Monte Carlo method and the Heisenberg Hamiltonian VAMPIRE software package. We observe that size and shape control the magnetic disorder and temperature-dependent magnetization in Co-doped ZnO materials.

Keywords: RKKY, dilute magnetic semiconductor, Monte Carlo, size effect, shape effect

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