Magnet design for the storage ring of TURKAY


Abstract: In synchrotron light sources the radiation is emitted from bending magnets and insertion devices (undulators, wigglers) placed on the storage ring by accelerating charged particles radially. The frequencies of produced radiation can range over the entire electromagnetic spectrum and have polarization characteristics. In synchrotron machines, the electron beam is forced to travel on a circular trajectory by the use of bending magnets. Quadrupole magnets are used to focus the beam. In this paper, we present the design studies for bending, quadrupole, and sextupole magnets for the storage ring of the Turkish synchrotron radiation source (TURKAY), which is in the design phase, as one of the subprojects of the Turkish Accelerator Center Project.

Keywords: TURKAY, bending magnet, quadrupole magnet, sextupole magnet, storage ring

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