Single production of the excited muons at the SPPC-based ultimate µp collider


Abstract: Single production potential of the excited muons at the SPPC-based ultimate muon-proton collider with center-of-mass energy of 116.6 TeV was analyzed. We calculated the production cross-sections and the decay widths of the excited muons with the process of µp → µ*X → γµX. We obtained the normalized transverse momentum and pseudorapidity distributions of the final-state particles to attain the kinematical cuts for the discovery of the excited muons. With these cuts, we determined the mass limits. It was shown that the discovery limits on the mass of the excited muons are 19.6 and 10.1 TeV for λ = mµ* and λ = 50 TeV, respectively.

Keywords: Excited muons, super proton-proton collider, muon-proton collider, mass limits

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