A Product Operator Formalism of 3D J-Resolved NMR Spectroscopy for IS_nK_m(I = 1/2, S = 1/2, K = 1/2) Spin System


Abstract: Product operator formalism is widely used for analytical description of multiple-pulse NMR experiments for weakly coupled spin systems. 3D J-resolved NMR spectroscopy is widely used in order to resolve the chemical shift along one axis and spin-spin coupling parameters along the two other axis. In this study, product operator theory is used for analytical description of heteronuclear 3D J-resolved NMR spectroscopy for the \( IS_nK_m (I=1/2, S=1/2, K=1/2; n=1,2, m=1,2,3) \) spin system.

Keywords: Product operator, 3D J-Resolved NMR spectroscopy.

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