Examination of the h.c.p. to f.c.c. Reverse Transformation in an Fe-\%14 Mn Alloy

Authors: Nurten NAVRUZ

Abstract: Transmission electron microscope examination of \varepsilon martensite formation have been carried out in an Fe - \%14 Mn alloy. Orientation relationship between austenite (\gamma ) and martensite (\varepsilon ) phases were obtained as \left\{ 111\right\} _{\gamma}// \left\{0001\right\} _\varepsilon and \left\langle 01\overline{1}\right\rangle _\gamma // \left\langle \overline{1}2\overline{1}0\right\rangle _\varepsilon relatively. The habit plane of \varepsilon martensite and lattice parameters of the parent and product phases were also determined by means of electron diffraction techniques. The mechanism of the \varepsilon martensite to \gamma austenite reverse transformation was also investigated during the studies and the atomic model of the reverse transformations was obtained by considering the movement of the Shockley partial dislocations. The results were checked by using the lattice parameters of the both crystallographic structures.