Weak deflection angle of black-bounce traversable wormholes using Gauss-Bonnet theorem in the dark matter medium

Authors: ALI ÖVGÜN

Abstract: Inthispaper, wefirstusetheopticalmetricsofblack-bouncetraversablewormholestocalculatetheGaussian curvature. Then we use the Gauss-Bonnet theorem to obtain the weak deflection angle of light from the black-bounce traversable wormholes. We investigate the effect of dark matter medium on weak deflection angle using the Gauss-Bonnet theorem. We show how weak deflection angle of wormhole is affected by the bounce parameter a. Using the Gauss-Bonnet theorem for calculating weak deflection angle shows us that light bending can be thought as a global and topological effect.

Keywords: Relativity and gravitation, gravitational lensing, deflection angle, wormholes, Gauss-Bonnet theorem

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