The b --> s g g Decay in the General two Higgs Doublet Model

Authors: E. O. İLTAN

Abstract: We study the decay width of the inclusive process b --> s g g in the two Higgs doublet model with three-level flavor changing neutral currents (model III). We analyse the dependencies of the differential decay width to the s- quark energy E_s and model III parameters, charged Higgs mass m_H_{^{±}} and Yukawa coupling \bar{\xi}_{N,bb}^D. We observe that there exist a considerable enhancement in the decay width for the relevant process. This enhancement can be reduced by choosing C_7^{eff} as negative or increasing the lower bound of m_H_{^{±}} to the large values. This is an interesting result which gives an idea on the mass m_H_{^{±}} and sign of C_7^{eff}.

Keywords: Inclusive, model III, decay width, Yukawa coupling

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