Theoretical Analysis of the Crystallography for DO_3 --> M18R Martensitic Transformation

Authors: Seyfettin ÇAKMAK, Ekrem ARTUNÇ

Abstract: A mathematical approach of the phenomenological theory has been applied to the martensitic transformation of DO$_3 \rightarrow$ M18R close-packed structure. The crystallography of DO$_3 \rightarrow$ M18R martensitic transformation in Fe-25.8 wt\%Mn-7.4wt\%Al-0.11wt\%C alloy was studied using single crystals. Martensitic crystallographic parameters such as habit plane, magnitude of lattice invariant shear, shape deformation direction and orientation relationships are calculated with new mathematical approach. Phenomenological theoretical calculations were compared with predictions of the phenomenological crystallographic CRAB theory and with experimental observations.


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