Triple Higgs boson production in a γγ-collider at the future linear collider


Abstract: In this study, triple Higgs boson production channels in a γγ-collider are investigated in the context of the two-Higgs-doublet model (2HDM). This model has three neutral Higgs bosons (h0/H0/A0 ) and two charged Higgs bosons (H±). Between all the possible combinations of the triple Higgs bosons in the final state, only the following two scattering processes are probable at tree-level: γγ → H+H-h0 and γγ → H+H-H0. These two processes are important to determine the triple Higgs self-couplings gH+H-h0 and gH+H-H0 in the 2HDM. The calculation is carried out for two scenarios, which are inspired by recent experimental and theoretical results. The cross-section of these processes is calculated and a comparison is made for these scenarios. The total convoluted cross-section with photon luminosity in an e+e- -collider is presented as a function of the center of mass energy.

Keywords: Two-Higgs-doublet model, 2HDM, photon?photon collider, triple Higgs production, triple Higgs selfcouplings

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