Lattice calculations for two-component fermion systems with unequal masses: one dimension


Abstract: We consider systems of two-component fermions with unequal masses and interacting via a short-range attractive potential. We discuss the case where the two-component fermions form a shallow dimer with large scattering length. The three-fermion and four-fermion systems with such properties are universal and characterized by the twofermion scattering length aff and the ratio of the mass of spin-↑ fermion to the mass of spin-↓ fermion, m/m. In this study, using lattice effective field theory, we analyze fermion-dimer and dimer-dimer systems and calculate the universal fermion-dimer and dimer-dimer scattering lengths for various values of the mass ratio m/m. We find that these universal scattering lengths increase logarithmically with the mass ratio m/m.

Keywords: Lattice effective field theory, scattering phase shifts, universality

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