The Study of Mean characteristics of \pi^{\pm}{-} Mesons Systems Depending on Variable \Delta P in \pi^{-12} C-Interactions at P_{\pi}-=40 GeV/c

Authors: Abdinov Ovsat BAHRAMOĞLU, Agakishiev Geydar NUSRATOĞLU, Suleimanov Mais KAZIMOĞLU, Bagirov Adil MAMEDOĞLU, Guseinaliev Yashar GUSEINALIOĞLU, Panerbratsev Yuriy ANATOLYEVICH

Abstract: In this paper are reported experimental results obtained for the study of the mean characteristics of the \pi^{\pm}-mesons system in \pi^{-12} C-interactions at P_{\pi^{-}}=40 GeV/c depending on variable \Delta P=\left|\vec{P}_{\pi^{-}}\right|-\left|\vec{P}_{\pi}\right|.