An Investigation of Electrical Properties of Porous Silicon

Authors: G. ALGÜN, M. Ç. ARIKAN

Abstract: In this work, electrical properties of porous silicon structures, formed with electrochemical anodization in HF acid solution under two different current densities, were investigated. In these experiments, Sb doped (111)-oriented n-type silicon samples with 0.006-0.015 \Omega cm resistivity was used. Samples were anodized in a solution of 38% HF and 99% C_2H_2OH at 1:1 ratio for 15 minutes. After anodization, the structures that formed at low current density (J = 5 mA/cm^2) was compared with structures that formed at high current density (J = 30 mA/cm^2). Both structures and electrical properties were investigated.


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