Search of islands of stability for hypothetical superheavy nuclei using covariant density functional theory


Abstract: A systematic search for the location of islands of stability has been performed for the proton number $100\le Z\le 220$ and the neutron number $Z+30\le N\le 2Z+30$ using covariant density functional theory (CDFT), a relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov (RHB) formalism with separable pairing, for two different force parameters, DD-ME2 and NL3*. Locations of the islands of stability are identified by analysis of the two-neutron and two-proton separation energy, two-nucleon shell gaps, vanishing neutron and proton pairing gap, energy surface, and the single particle states. The results show that beyond $^{292}120$ only Z = 154 and N $>$ 220 can be a center of a new island of stability.

Keywords: Density functional, superheavy nuclei

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