Quark gluon plasma and upsilon suppression


Abstract: The time-dependent suppression probability P(t) of upsilon particles has been estimated due to the screening when embedded in the medium of quark gluon plasma where the screened potential is represented by an optical potential of type $V(r,\lambda) = - [\frac{V_{0}+iW_{0}}{1+exp((r-R)\lambda)}]$. A similar type of variation of suppression probability has been obtained by others. It has been observed that $t_{\frac{1}{2}}$ for melting of $\Upsilon$ is $\sim$ 1.5 fm/c. The variation of the screening radii of heavy mesons $(J/\psi, \Upsilon)$ for 1S and 2S states with respect to plasma radius have also been investigated with the same complex screening potential. We have found that the more highly excited state (2S) is less tightly bound and has a larger effective radius than the ground state.

Keywords: Upsilon suppression, quark gluon plasma, optical potential, screening radii, suppression probability

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