The investigation of the complex dielectric and electric modulus of Al/Mg${}_{2}$Si/p-Si Schottky diode and its AC electrical conductivity in a wide frequency range


Abstract: The Al/Mg${}_{2}$Si/p-Si Schottky diode was fabricated using spin coating. The real ($\varepsilon$$\mathrm{\prime}$) and imaginary ($\varepsilon$$\mathrm{\prime}$$\mathrm{\prime}$) components of complex dielectric ($\varepsilon$*), the real (M$\mathrm{\prime}$) and imaginary (M$\mathrm{\prime}$$\mathrm{\prime}$) components of complex electric modulus (M*) and AC electrical conductivity ($\sigma$${}_{AC}$) of the fabricated Al/Mg${}_{2}$Si/p-Si Schottky diode (SD) were examined by using the impedance spectroscopy (IS) measurements in a wide frequency range of 1 kHz-1 MHz. The $\varepsilon$$\mathrm{\prime}$ and $\varepsilon$$\mathrm{\prime}$$\mathrm{\prime}$ were obtained using the value of measured capacitance and conductance while the values of dielectric loss tangent (tan$\delta$, M$\mathrm{\prime}$, M$\mathrm{\prime}$$\mathrm{\prime}$ and $\sigma$${}_{AC}$${}_{\ }$were obtained using the value of $\varepsilon$$\mathrm{\prime}$ and $\varepsilon$$\mathrm{\prime}$$\mathrm{\prime}$. While the values of $\varepsilon$$\mathrm{\prime}$, $\varepsilon$$\mathrm{\prime}$$\mathrm{\prime}$ and tan$\delta$ are almost independent of the frequency in the inversion and accumulation region, their value changes with the frequency, especially in the depletion region. The $\sigma_{AC}$ was examined depending on the frequency and it was seen that its value increased with increasing frequency especially in depletion and accumulation region. The experimental results showed that the Mg${}_{2}$Si can be used instead of conventionally used dielectric materials (SnO${}_{2}$, SiO${}_{2}$).

Keywords: Dielectric properties, Al/Mg${}_{2}$Si/p-Si Schottky diodes, complex dielectric permittivity and electric modulus, AC electrical conductivity, frequency-dependent

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