Unsteady Free Convection Flow with Thermal Radiation Past a Vertical Porous Plate with Newtonian Heating


Abstract: This paper considers exact solutions of unsteady free convection flow with thermal radiation past a vertical porous plate with Newtonian heating. The technique of Laplace transform was employed in deriving the solutions to the governing flow and energy equations. A parametric study of all parameters involved was conducted, and a representative set of results showing the effect of the radiation parameter N, the ratio of uniform suction to characteristic velocity parameter R, and the free convection parameter Gr on the velocity and temperature are illustrated graphically. The skin friction or shear and heat flux are discussed quantitatively. It is evident that the results reveal the characteristics of the problem.

Keywords: Boundary layer; Incompressible; Optically thin thermally radiating fluid; Unsteady free convection flow

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