Electrical Characterization and Relaxation Behavior of Lithium-Indium-Phosphate Glasses via Impedance Spectroscopy

Authors: M. V. N. V. D. SHARMA, A. V. SARMA, R. BALAJI RAO

Abstract: Phosphate glasses with various compositions of lithium oxide and indium oxide were synthesized by melt quenching technique. The glass forming ability parameter K_{gl} was characterized by differential thermal analysis. The electrical measurements for all the glass samples were carried out in the frequency range of 10 Hz to 10^{6} Hz and at a temperature range of 393-513 K by the Impedance spectroscopy. Frequency dependent conductivity follows the power law. The ac conductivity increases with temperature following the Arrhenius law. Master curve in the scaling analysis suggesting the temperature independent conduction relaxation mechanism.

Keywords: Phosphate glass structure, Differential thermal analysis, Electrical properties

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