Production of YBCO Superconductor Sample by Powder-In-Tube Method (PITM); and Effect of Cd and Ga Doping on the System


Abstract: In this study, YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-\delta} and Y_{0.5}X_{0.5}Ba_2Cu_3O_{7-\delta} (x = Ga, Cd) compounds are produced by Powder-In-Tube Method and electrical and physical characteristics of those samples were investigated. Following 3, 5 and 9 tons pressure applied to three sample groups (YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-\delta}, Y_{0.5}Cd_{0.5}Ba_2Cu_3O_{7-\delta}, Y_{0.5}Ga_{0.5}Ba_2Cu_3O_{7-\delta}), samples were examined via X-Ray diffraction, resistivity and SEM measurement. Considerable changes in Crystallographic properties of the YBCO samples, produced by using Powder-In-Tube Method for different pressure values, were observed. Under different magnetic fields conditions, resistance of the YBCO samples was measured and it was seen that samples had very pure and homogenous structure. Ga doping into YBCO composition had negative effect on superconducting phases. Cd doping of YBCO induced a more positive effect on the system than Ga doping. Contrary, Cd doping negatively affected electrical properties of the YBCO system.

Keywords: Superconducting composites, YBCO composition, Powder-In-Tube method, Cd and Ga doping

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