The Resonance Bremsstrahlung of a Fast Charged Particle in a Medium


Abstract: The bremsstrahlung of a fast charged particle in the medium with dielectric permittivity \epsilon at velocities v \ge \frac{c}{n} (\mbox{Re}\epsilon = n^2) was considered. Bremsstrahlung radiation has singularity at \beta = \frac{1}{n \cos\theta} (\beta = \frac{v}{c}, \theta is an angle of the bremsstrahlung.) and is interpreted as resonance bremsstrahlung with the width characterized by Im\epsilon = \epsilon_2; and smaller \epsilon_2 is, the higher the peak of the resonance. The angle distribution of the bremsstrahlung is determined by \cos \theta = \frac{1}{n\beta} and \theta coincides with the angle of Cherenkov radiation. At \beta = \frac{1}{n} the resonance bremsstrahlung goes in the forward direction. The resonance bremsstrahlung depends on frequency \omega (\epsilon \equiv \epsilon(\omega)).


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