A study on $^{7}$Li + $^{120}$Sn quasi-elastic scattering


Abstract: In the present study, we reexamine quasi-elastic scattering of $^{7}$Li by $^{120}$Sn at incident energies E$_{Lab}$ = 19.5, 20.5, and 25.0 MeV. The theoretical results are obtained by using both a phenomenological model and double-folding model (DFM) within the framework of an optical model. We also investigate the role of the surface potential, which is connected to direct reactions. The agreement between the phenomenological model and the DFM is shown in comparison to each other in connection with the experimental data. This comparison provides information about the similarities and the differences between the models used during the calculations.

Keywords: Optical model, double-folding model, elastic scattering, quasi-elastic scattering

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