Infrared Spectroscopic Studies on The Hofmann Type Complexes of 4-Phenylpyridine and New T_{d^{-}} Type Host; Cd(dioxan) Cd (CN)_{4}}

Authors: Sevgi BAYARI, Arzu TOPAÇLI

Abstract: The Infrared spectra of M(4-phenylpyridine)_{2} Ni(CN)_{4}, (M=Fe, Co, Zn, or Cu) complexes and the new Hofmann-Td-type host complex, Cd (dioxan) Cd(CN)_{4} are reported. The structure of 4-phenylpyridine complexes consists of corrugated polymeric layers of [M-Ni(CN)_{4}]_{\infty} with 4-phenylpyridine molecules bound directly to the metal (M). The metal sensitivity sequence of the 4-phenylpyridine frequencies is found to be Fe