A New Approach to The Stochastic Estimation of Frequency Measurement Process in Digital Automatic Control Systems, with Technical Applications

Authors: A. G. BUDARIN

Abstract: The object of this report is the development of a method for numerical statistic characteristic calculation in digital frequency measurements for frequency modulated automatic control systems (ACS). In such systems valid data is transmitted using frequency modulation of a pulse signal sequence. The pulse data frequency is measured by a fixed number, N, of retrieval- storage cycle repetitions and calculation of the average number K(N) of pulses measured in N samples. The stochastic estimation problem for this process consists in the mean value M K(N) and variance DK(N) determination as functions of the retrieval-storage cycle time (i.e. the period of time quantization) fluctiations, \tau_{q}, the time of retrieval, \tau_{\tau} and the input signal phase, \varphi.