2n-dimensional at Fujii model instanton-like solutions and coupling constant's role between instantons with higher derivatives


Abstract: An instanton-like solution is considered for a class of two-dimensional conformal model with Liouville term. The model expressed here is a new higher-dimensional model with scalar-spinor interaction on even-dimensional spaces, and is a generalization of the even-dimensional Fujii model. A recurrence relation for the Fujii model and coupling constant's indices between relations with interaction constant is extracted. The behavior of Gürsey, Akdeniz-Smailagi' c and Fujii coupling constants in 4-dimensional conformal models are examined.

Keywords: Instanton, Fujii's model, Liouville term, conformal field theory, coupling constant, scalar-spinor interaction, even-dimensional spaces, two-dimensional conformal model, Gürsey term, scalar-spinor interaction

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