Super inflation mechanism and dark energy from a cosmological entropy perspective


Abstract: Various approaches are developed that provide a unification of the early inflationary epoch of the universe and dark energy (cosmic accelerating expansion case). In one respect, we express this unification in a universal thermodynamic framework within the context of $F\left( T,T_{G} \right)$ gravity, where $T$ represents the torsion invariant and $T_{G}$ is the teleparallel equivalent of the Gauss--Bonnet term. For a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universe model bounded by the dynamical apparent horizon, we explore the generalized second law of gravitational thermodynamics (GSLT). Finally, we discuss the super inflation mechanism, the deceleration case (radiation and dust regions), and the late time cosmic acceleration of the universe into the validity of the GSLT that we obtain.

Keywords: $F\left( T,T_{G} \right)$ gravity, thermodynamics, inflation, dark energy

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