On current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics of metal-semiconductor contacts


Abstract: It is expected the fact that the current following across metal-semiconductor (MS) rectifying contact named as Schottky barrier diode(SBDs)and effect of sample temperature on their electrical properties obey thermionic emission (TE) current model. But, it has been seen that the abnormal behaviors in the measured electrical characteristics cannot be exactly under stood by the classical TE transport theory. Intheliterature, the observed abnormal behaviors have been successfully explained by a Gaussian distribution function and by the pinch-off model being interaction of the neighbor patches suggested by Tung and coworkers, the named discrete regions model as "patches" with low barrier placed in a higher uniform barrier area.

Keywords: Metal-semiconductor contacts, Schottky contacts, Schottky barrier diodes, rectifying contact, Schottky barrier height, barrier inhomogeneity, characteristics diode parameters

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