Measurement of Photon-Induced K X-Rays Production Cross Sections for Elements with 62 \le Z \le 74


Abstract: X-ray production cross sections of K\alpha_{1}, K\alpha_{2}, K\beta'_{1} (= K\beta {\ss}_{1} + K\beta_{3} + K\beta_{5}) and K\beta'_{2} (= K\beta_{2} + K\beta_{4} + transitions from higher levels) lines have been measured and theoretically calculated for six elements with 62 \le Z \le 74 at excitation energy of 78.706 keV, the weighted avarage of K conversion x-rays emitted from Bi. The experimental results were compared with theoretically predicted values based on relativistic Hartree-Slater and Hartree-Fock theories, a comparison that was found to be in good agreement to within the experimental uncertainties.

Keywords: K shell, X-ray fluorescence, Cross section.

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