Hollow-core optical fiber with eight-pointed star cladding structure for low-loss transmission in telecom bands


Abstract: In this study, a novel negative curvature hollow-core fiber is proposed for low-loss transmission in thenear-infrared region. We numerically investigate the effect of the cladding structure, which is formed of concentricallyinterlaced squares, to the confinement losses using the finite element modelling. The design has eight cladding tubeswith nested elements placed to the outer edge of the tubes. The confinement losses of the interlaced square core fiberis calculated as low as 0.12 dB/km in the range of 1.3 to 1.65 $\mu$m. The loss profile of the noncircular core design is comparable with the circular cores, and have improved transmission performance at 1.55 $\mu$m. The proposed design can have numerous application areas such as data transmission, nonlinear optics and biochemical sensing.

Keywords: Hollow-core fibers, negative curvature fibers, numerical modeling, fiber design

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