Dependence of Neutron-Proton Entity Transfer on Superfluid Parameters


Abstract: In this study the nuclear matrix elements of neutron-proton (n-p) entity transfer of even-even nuclei are investigated in the Tamm-Dancoff Approximation (TDA). These matrix elements are used for n-p entity stripping from even-even nuclei and n-p entity absorbing of even-even nuclei. It is shown that the matrix element of 0^{+} \to 0^{+} transition between {\left| {Z,N} \right\rangle} and {\left| {Z - 2,N - 2} \right\rangle} even-even nuclei via the 1^{+} states of {\left| {Z - 1,N - 1} \right\rangle} intermediate nuclei depends only on the superfluid parameters.

Keywords: Charge-exchange, particle-particle, Tamm-Dancoff, superfluid parameters

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