Applying a self-feedback method to control chaos in the Buck converter

Authors: MEI MEI JIA

Abstract: Chaos exists in the Buck converter due to the switching action of the controlled switch and this nonlinear phenomenon results in unreliable working performances. Hence, this paper uses a self-feedback control method with two adjustable parameters to suppress the chaotic behavior in the Buck converter. First, the self-feedback control method is presented by introducing a generic second-order chaotic system. Then, from the perspective of transfer functions obtained in terms of the piecewise linear model of the controlled Buck converter, effects of controller's parameters on system performances are discussed. On the basis of the Jacobian matrix of the discrete iterative mapping model of the controlled Buck converter, the stability of the period-1 orbit is analyzed. Finally, numerical simulations confirm that without determining targeting orbits in advance, this self-feedback control method can stabilize the chaotic behavior of the Buck converter to the stable period-1 orbit.

Keywords: Chaos control, Buck converter, transfer function, self-feedback

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