Quark shapes of most modern parton distribution functions


Abstract: Parton distribution functions (PDFs) describe the internal structure of the proton and are necessary inputs to almost all theory predictions of hadron colliders. One way to do a precise measurement of a PDF is to measure the lepton charge asymmetry of W boson where u$\bar{d}\to W^{+}$ and $d\bar{u}\to W^{-}$. Therefore, u, d, $\bar{u}$, and $\bar{d}$ quark shapes of the most modern PDF models (NNPDF3.1, NNPDF3.0, CT14, MMHT2014, and HERAPDF2.0) are inspected using the APFEL online cluster in this paper. The ratio of $d$ to $u$ is further investigated since the charge asymmetry is sensitive to the value of $d$ over $u$ momentum distributions in the proton. $Q$ scale dependence of PDFs are further studied in a range from 1 to 100 GeV.

Keywords: High energy physics, parton distribution functions, NNPDF3.1, quarks

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