Ground-State Binding Energies of Substitutional Cu, Ag and Au Impurity Atoms in Ge_{1-x}Si_{x} Crystals


Abstract: The ground-state binding energies of substitutional Cu_{s},Ag_{s} and Au_{s} impurity atoms in Ge_{1-x}Si_{x}(0\leq \times\leq 0,3) have been determined on the basis of Hall measurements. It is shown that the averaged activation energies \Delta E of all explored impurity levels in Ge_{1-x} Si_{x} grow linearly with Si concentration in crystals. Random-alloy splitting of the ground-states of the impurities in the crystals is discussed. A conclusion is made due to multiplicity of possible acceptor states of substitutional atoms of this impurities in Ge_{1-x}Si_{x} and Si.