Electroweak decays of unflavored mesons in Poincaré covariant quark model


Abstract: This work presents the procedure for obtaining integral representation of the radiative decay constant in the Poincaré-covariant quark model, based on Poincaré-invariant quantum mechanics. In the course of the work the authors give numerical estimates of magnetic moments of the light quarks ($u,d,s$) from the $V\rightarrow P\gamma$ decay, based on the calculation method of the observer that was previously developed. This technique is generalized in the case of the decay $P\rightarrow V\gamma$ with further numerical calculation of mixing angles $\eta-\eta^{\prime}$ of pseudoscalar mesons. Within the framework of the offered approach, we obtain a self-consistent model that describes radiative and leptonic decays of pseudoscalar and vector mesons.

Keywords: Poincaré-invariant, point-form, meson, quark model, mixing schemes, gluonium content

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