Magnetized strange quark matter in reconstructed $f(R,T)$ gravity for Bianchi I and V universes with cosmological constant

Authors: CAN AKTAŞ

Abstract: In this article, we have investigated the behaviors of magnetized strange quark matter distributions for Bianchi I and V universes in reconstructed $f?eft( R,T \right)=\alpha_{1}R+\alpha_{2}f_{3}(T)$ gravity (here $\alpha_{1}$ and $\alpha_{2}$ are constants; $f_{3}(T)$ is an arbitrary function of $T)$. To get solutions of the field equations we have used a deceleration parameter and the equation of state for strange quark matter. The new represented $f(R,T)$ model includes two models of Harko et al. and transforms to general relativity. When $t\to ınfty $, we get the dark energy model ($p=-\rho )$ in reconstructed $f?eft( R,T \right)=\alpha _{1}R+\alpha_{2}f_{3}(T)$ gravity. However, we obtain zero magnetic field in all $f(R,T)$ gravitation models.

Keywords: $f(R, T)$ gravity, Bianchi I universe, Bianchi V universe, magnetized strange quark, deceleration parameter,

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