Influence of Medium on Generation of Localized Charges in BeO by the Exposure of the Electrical Discharge in Air and Oxygen

Authors: M.M. ALIEV

Abstract: The EPR-method is used to investigate the regularity of the formation of paramagnetic $ F^+$- and $ V^-$ centers (PC) in BeO which are generated by barrier electrical discharge (ED) in air and oxygen under reduced pressure. It was determined that, at different powers of discharge or parameters E/P, the maximums of kinetic curves of PC- accumulation in oxygen in comparison with air plasma forming medium are changed with resspect to both their value and position, depending on the interaction of oxygen atoms and ions $O, O^+, O^-, O^+_2, O^-_2,\ldots)$ with BeO surface. These exposures resulted in decreasing rate of generation of $F^+$-and $V^-$ centers in oxygen plasma in comparison with discharge in air (at $t >t\max$) and the difference of their concentration in the stationary region $(t\rightarrow \infty)$ of PC-acumulation curves for the same E/P.


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