Determination of fluence rate distribution in a multilayered skin tissue model by using Monte Carlo simulations


Abstract: Information on light-tissue interaction is important for clinical applications of lasers. The Monte Carlo technique is one of the commonly used methods to simulate photon propagation and to describe energy absorption in biological tissues. In this study, fluence rate distributions of 633 nm and 830 nm light inside a multilayered skin tissue model have been investigated by using two different simulation software programs: GAMOS tissue optics plug-in and MCML. Results of the plug-in for the fluence rate distributions are in very good agreement with the ones from MCML for both of the wavelengths. This shows that GAMOS tissue optics plug-in can be utilized in simulation studies on the interaction of light in the phototherapeutic window within multilayered tissue models.

Keywords: Laser-tissue interaction, Monte Carlo simulation, fluence rate

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