Optical and Structural Properties of the GaS_xSe_{1-x}, GaSe, TlGaSe_2 and TlInS_2 Semiconductors


Abstract: In the present work, crystal structure and optical properties of the layered chalcogenides GaS_xSe_{1-x}, GaSe, TlGaSe_2 and TlInS_2 were investigated in the visible (VIS) and infrared (IR) range of spectra. Partial content of the elements were performed and the space group were determined by help of X-ray diffraction experiments. Making use of the experimental results, we have constructed a scheme of band motion for the transition from GaSe to GaS. It has been established that that the infrared active optical modes show typical two-mode behaviour. DOI: 10.1007/s10762-005-0294-3, 10.1063/1.2128694

Keywords: Chalcogenides, layered semiconductors, optical properties, vibrational modes, multiphonon absorption, crystalline and band structure, correlation analysis

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